Online 7th International Eurasian Conference Sport Education and Society, International Juried Arts Mixed Exhibition on National Cultures, 15-18 December 2020


Dear Colleagues, 


Due to the Covid-19 where our country is also affected , the 7th International Science Culture and Sports Congress ( organized  in Turkey also abroad with the support of academicians both from Turkey and abroad, hosted by different universities since 2012, will be held online between 15-18 October 2020 with the participation and support of you, our esteemed academics.

Our Congress covers Sports and Health Sciences, Social Humanities and Administrative Sciences, Fine Arts and Design, Educational Sciences and Language and Literature Sciences, and aims to bring together scientists internationally and contribute to studies in science at the international level. Inaddition, ou congress aims to bring together undergraduate, graduate students and valuable academicians who contribute to science, and to provide presentations accompanied by an academic atmosphere in which the scientific environment is created, which provides a critical look at the studies. Inaddition, we aim to keep the information sharing at the top level by bringing our invited speakers and current community with our current topics.

As a tradition of ourconferences, wewanttoestablish a dynamic platform with workshops, panels, lectures, interviews, individual and group performances, cultural visits, and many other activities. With in this frame, we are open and definitely welcome to evaluate any demands, suggestions,and contributions from individual participants and partner associations. Contact:

The submissions for the conference will start on the 16th of July 2020, and end on the 9st of October, 2020. Early registrations will also cometo an end on the 20st of August, 2020.

All the full-text articles presented in the conference will be published in Proceedings Book with an ISBN number,and some selected present ations will also be published in our two journals; IntJSCSand  IntJCES.



Congress Venue (Gece Ramada)

Last 5 Approved Submissions



Country Presenting Author Institution Title Presentation Type Approved Date Author
1 Türkiye Mine TURĞUT Bartın Üniversitesi Pliometrik Egzersiz Programının Sedanter Erkeklerde Beden Kitle İndeksi ve Bazı Antropometrik Özelliklere Etkisi
(The Effect of Pliometric Exercise Program on Body Mass Index and Some Anthropometric Properties in Sedentary Men)
Oral/Online / Sözel/ 2020-09-20 11:48:43 Mine TURĞUT

2 Türkiye Erdal ZORBA Gazi Üniversitesi Üniversitelerdeki Rekreasyon Programlarının yaşam kalitesi açısından önemi
Oral/Online / Sözel/ 2020-09-20 11:42:39 Erdal ZORBA

3 Iran, Islamic Republic of Mir Hamid SALEHIAN Tabriz Islamic Azad University -
(Relationship between narcissism and coping strategies with competitive stress in elite athletes)
Oral/Online / Sözel/ 2020-09-20 11:42:19 Mir Hamid SALEHIAN

4 Ukraine Iuliia PAVLOVA Lviv State University of Physical Culture Data Science Techniques in Social and Behavioral Research: Analyzing Life Quality and Anxiety Levels in the Young Male Population
Oral/Online / Sözel/ 2020-09-20 11:25:57 Iuliia PAVLOVA

5 Ukraine Lyudmyla ZANEVSKA Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Lviv, UKRAINE MS Excel Office Technologies in Creation of the Virtual Tourism Project Business
Oral/Online / Sözel/ 2020-09-07 20:48:21 Ihor ZANEVSKYY

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