Practical Information


Practical Information

There are many direct flights to Lviv airport from various European and Asian capitals. Ukranian Airlines and Turkish Airlines offer also connections from most of the cities in other Ukrainian cities. It is also easy to transfer from Kiev to Lviv by bus or train. 

Money: The currency used in Ukraine is Ukranian Hryvnia (UAH).  There are many change offices in the airport and the city center. Some shops also welcome foreign currencies. 
1 USD=28 UAH 
1 EUR=34 UAH
(Currency converter rates) 


Taxi: Taxi prices are very low when compared to other countries. In the city center, it is easy to use a taxi to reach any point paying around from 1 to 3 Euros. From airport to the city center, the taxi costs around 20 Euros. UBER is a very active software in Lviv and costs less than regular taxi prices.


Hotel & Restauration: There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and cafes located in the city center. Many well-known trademarks have their chains in this city. The prices are very competitive and offer a variety of choice for everyone. It is also very practical to rent flats using Airbnb.   


Sightseeing:  Lviv is one of the top touristic cities in Europe and attracts more than 5 million tourists every year. The city offers guided bus and train tours which last a few hours with guided earphones in multi-languages. There are very famous castles around the city, and also guided tours are organized to visit these castles. Another alternative is to visit mountains and Carpathia which is very popular among tourists. For a variety of tour choices please visit the official website;